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As this is my first blog-post I wanted to share with you a little of the history of Fox Park Paper Co. as well as a bit of the vision I have for it. Fox Park Paper Co is still an infant of a company. I started it just a few weeks ago really as the project of a Web Business course. As I started the course I was and still am very interested in the art and beauty of hand lettering and Fox Park Paper Co. was born. Hand lettering takes time and in the weeks that I have been working to build this website and business I have only had time to design a few cards to sell, but there is much more to come. As I continueo have a great interest in hand lettering, I have also become very interested in Letterpress and Linopress. There are so many beautiful works that come from these design mediums! Here are a few of my favorites (click the image to view original source and artist).
love linoprint lucky stars linoprint sun is up letterpressSo as continue to learn grow both as a designer and a business woman I look forward to playing with these design mediums as well. I will be building my own little press in the up coming weeks and will start working on some linopress designs first. If my DIY press is up to par I will try out letterpress as well. I am so excited to eventually offer what I create in my store as well. So thank you for stopping by to see what Fox Park Paper Co. is all about and be sure to come by often to see what new things are happening!

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