Hi! I’m so excited that you have stopped by! Fox Park Paper Co. is a newly formed Paper Company based in Ankeny, Iowa specializing in unique hand-designed stationary! We are generating new ideas and growing our products all the time! Check out the blog to see what the latest news is!

I’m Megan and I’m the woman behind this company. Right now it’s just me with the support of my wonderful husband and three kids. My life is pretty busy as a mother, student, designer, and most recently entrepreneur! Fox Park Paper Co. is my happy place and creative outlet! Some of you may be wondering where the name Fox Park Paper Co comes from. Well there is another happy place in my life. Years ago I met this amazing guy, and he would buy me icecream (my favorite) and take me stargazing (also my favorite). One of our favorite icecream and stargazing spots was a park at the feet of the gorgeous mountains near our home. We frequently visited the park and the local wildlife decided that we were just one of them. A family of foxes adopted us. They would come out and hover all around stargazing with us. It was a happy time that led to a happy life. So I combined these two happy places and ended up with Fox Park Paper Co.

Megan and Ross at Fox Park

That’s us!